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Self Assessment

Our philosophy here is straight forward - If possible ‘Complete these assessments yourself’


We believe that ownership of ‘the fire safety plan’ is a key ingredient, in terms of producing an ‘effective’ & ‘active’ Fire Safety Policy.

This is undoubtedly best achieved by the engagement of people most familiar with, the business practices, processes, people & environment.

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However, we also understand the variables associated with the circumstances of businesses. For example it might not be possible for you to dedicate the time to the whole process, in particular those small to medium sized businesses who do not have dedicated health or fire safety officers.

If you would like us to provide you with a written process to enable you to undertake the risk assessment yourself, then our means of escape publication will give you everything you need for a successful outcome.

Often we find that our customers choose to have more support & our risk assessment services are without question some of the most competitive in the market place.

Our advice in terms of selecting the best approach is free & without obligation, so please do not hesitate to contact us for a fair & balanced appraisal.