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Fire Protection Services Ltd are soon to launch a comprehensive service, installation & maintenance package, for a range of Fire Doors and associated equipment. In the UK it is estimated that over 80% of existing fire doors have poor or non existing periodic inspection and maintenance programs. As the new fire safety reforms gain momentum, it is likely that building owners and occupiers, will need to show that these important routines feature, with a similar priority to extinguisher, fire alarm, emergency lighting & other active & passive fire protection provisions.

Effectively installed and maintained fire doors, are of critical importance when considering containment of fire, during sometimes complex evacuation situations, yet following the original installation are rarely considered items to be inspected.

Our service will include a full inspection of Door leaf & frame, Glazed apertures, Intumescent fire & smoke seals, closing & opening devices, ironmongery, mandatory notices & cleaning, following which we will report on their condition & any remedial action that is required.

Average Annual maintenance cost’s from £15 per single fire door. Contact us for further information