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Sprinkler HeadFrom the 1st of January 2016 fire sprinkler provision will need to be made for planning applications made on or after the 1st of January 2016 for the vast majority of projects with few exceptions.

Approved Domestic & Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems from a local Welsh Company

We are one of only five Welsh based companies who are accredited to install these types of fire sprinkler systems. My company is privately owned & employs local people. The service and quality levels we aim for are high. All products are approved for use and will provide trouble free service.

At a very early stage the question of adequate water supply provision is absolutely key, as it will determine which options are available to you from direct connection to the water main, through to fire pumps and water storage tank options.

We will be with you through the whole installation process & also importantly afterwards with 24/7 emergency call out cover.

We are one of very few local Welsh companies who can offer a truly turnkey Fire Sprinkler Solution from both a mechanical, electrical and fire alarm point of view.

We look forward to being given an opportunity to work with you.

Our Firas Certification Number is VK1638.

Click here for Welsh Water's guidance document