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Dry Riser Testing 

Maintenance Services

At Fire Protection Services we utilise a 1989 Dennis Phasor Appliance to conduct our dry riser tests. This enables us where possible to carry out flow tests and simulate the exact conditions that the fire service would reproduce during a real incident. Many of our competitors who utilise smaller pumps simply cannot achieve this.

Our appliance is stationed at our Swansea offices. Areas of coverage are Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and West Wales.

Current Fire Legislation

The Regulatory Reform(Fire Safety Order) 2005 places a legal duty upon building owners, landlords and occupiers to maintain the condition of their fire protection provisions.

Dry Riser Maintenance is an important part of this overall responsibility.

British Standard Code of Practice BS9990:2006 requires a full annual pressure test to be carried out and also six monthly visual checks for dry risers.

Clause 7 of the Code states that inlets, landing valves, drain valves and landing valve boxes should be inspected every 6 months and recommends that wet tests be carried out annually when the water main can be checked for leaks.

Dry Riser Testing - Maintenance & Servicing

Dry Risers are a vital piece of fire fighting equipment for the fire service. These dry mains are used to pump volumes of water in to the building. Fire fighters will then plug their hoses in to the landing valve on the required floor and fight the fire more effectively.

Fire Protection Services take pride in ensuring that these important systems are maintained correctly. Full certification is issued when the systems pass a thorough operational test including pressure tests to 10 BAR for 15 minutes.

We will also liaise with local fire services on behalf of our clients to ensure that these tests are logged appropriately with those concerned.

Dry Riser Testing - Six Monthly Visual Test

This test involves a visual inspection only as required by BS9990:2006 and any missing or damaged items are replaced.

Dry Riser Testing - Private Hydrant Test

For large premises with hydrants on site, Fire Protection Services will conduct flow tests and visual inspections of the equipment including, H plate, cover and frost valve. BS9990:2006 clause 7 requires checking of pits, frames, covers and surface paving around edges of frames.